Valve Audits


  • Substantial overall cost reduction
  • Increased work safety
  • Optimised overall operation efficiency
  • Elimination of unexpected downtime
  • Minimised scheduled downtime
  • Detection and recording of recurring problems
  • Optimised repair-replacement decisions
  • Maximised equipment performance

Typical Audit

  • Location of Valves & Ancillary Equipment
  • Inspect Leakage & Damage
  • Inspect & Record Equipment Tagging
  • Inspect & Assess Maintenance Records
  • Record Maintenance Requirements &Concerns
  • Inspect & Record Stock in Store
  • Assess Critical & Overall Stock Requirements

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Our comprehensive Valve Audits

Just Valves inspect all on-site valve equipment. Each component will be identified and recorded with its site location.

Inspection for Leakage and Damages
Just Valves Inspect all valve equipment for leakage and damage. Any concern is recorded and if possible photographed.

Inspection and Recording of Equipment Tagging
All valve equipment will be inspected for correct tagging. Where tags are incorrect or missing, Just Valves attaches temporary tags and records their location.

Inspection and Assessments of Maintenance Records
Just Valves inspects available Valve Equipment Maintenance Records on site. We recommend that an accurate and up to date maintenance log be maintained for all valve equipment. Just Valves can assist in the making and maintenance of such log.

Recording of Maintenance Requirements and Concerns
Just Valves discuss and record maintenance issues and requirements with your maintenance personal. We attend to all relevant maintenance aspects, such as equipment service life and limitations, repair-replacement issues, stock requirements and emergency supplies, ordering systems and delivery times, etc.

Just Valves regard a superior supplier-customer relationship as an invaluable component of efficient operations.

Inspection and Recording of Stock in Store
Just Valves inspects and records condition and tagging of valve equipment held in stock. Stock level and requirements will be assessed in accordance with data gathered in all areas of Valve Equipment Operation Management.

Assessment of Critical and Overall Stock Requirements
Just Valves identifies critical valve equipment components and assesses on-site availability. For preservation of storage space and simplified On-site Storage Management, Just Valves offers external storage of customer specific valve equipment. We consult your Store Managers to coordinate packaging and delivery for your valves and equipment needs.

Just Valves provides reports with detailed information for the following areas:

  1. Equipment Location and Identification.
  2. Damages and Concerns (with photos).
  3. Equipment Tagging.
  4. Stock Level.
  5. Stock Requirements and Concerns.
  6. Assessment of Equipment Repair.
  7. Equipment Replacement.

In accordance with recorded data from Valve Equipment Audit Reports Just Valves provide recommendations for the following areas:

  1. Work Safety.
  2. Overall Operation Efficiency.
  3. Unexpected Downtime Elimination.
  4. Scheduled Downtime Efficiency.
  5. Recurring Problem Minimisation.
  6. Optimised Repair-replacement Decisions.
  7. Maximised Equipment Performance.
  8. Optimised Maintenance Management.

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