Industrial Gaskets

Just Valves Pty Ltd is a recognised distributor of Industrial Gaskets and custom die-cut fabricated parts and components. Just Valves die–cut, flanges, washers, insulators, strips, discs, seals, liners, filters, dampers and gaskets.

Just Valves makes special dies to exact customer specifications and has thousands of cutting dies stored in house to supply to any customer need. Whenever possible, these existing dies are utilised to reduce costs and delivery times.

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Steel Seals

Gasket Type Mode Part
Spiral Wound Gasket SWG234 JVG01
Spiral Wound Gasket SWG1234 JVG02
Spiral Wound Gasket SWG23 JVG03
Spiral Wound Gasket SWG123 JVG04
HE– Heat Exchanger Gasket HEG-C1 JVGW02
HE– Heat Exchanger Gasket MC-4 Double Jacket JVGW03
HE– Heat Exchanger Gasket RE Rubber JVGW04
CP– Camprofile Gasket HEG-C1 JVGR04
CP– Camprofile Gasket HEG-C2 JVGR03
CP– Camprofile Gasket HEG-C3 JVGR05
CP– Camprofile Gasket HEG-C4 JVGR06
RTJ Ring Type Joint Gasket Type R JVGQ02
RTJ Ring Type Joint Gasket Type RX JVGQ04
RTJ Ring Type Joint Gasket Type BX JVGQ06


JV Non Asbestos Gaskets

The JV Non-Asbestos Gaskets line is divided in three typologiesPF 63. PF 64, PF 81


The constitution is the same for all types: 

Aramid fibres, NBR Elastomer binder and mineral loads. In the PF 81 flake graphite is added to the blend, to increase the resistance to heat. PF 63, PF 64 and PF 81 are selected products and approved by the most important industrial groups.


Planiflex PF 63

Oil Resistant gasket material for medium to higher loadings. Very suitable economical quality with good resistance to water, gases, oil and fuels.


Planiflex PF 64 

Gasket material with good chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. Suitable for general use.

Basis: Aramidic fibres, NBR.


Planiflex PF 81 

Gasket material with good chemical, mechanical and thermal properties and resistance to steam, oil, fuels, alkaline media and weak acid. Suitable for general use.

Basis: Carbon fibres, graphite, NBR.


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