Knifegate Valves

We offer a range of Knife Gate Valves that are recognised in the industry as very reliable at very competitive prices. Our valves are designed for top performance and a long, maintenance free
life time. We offer a variety of product lines including:

We offer a variety of product lines including:

  • Metal and resilient seated Knife Gate Valves.
  • Split ductile body Knife Gate Valves.
  • Slide Gate Valves.
  • Bonneted Knife Gate Valves.
  • Fabricated and custom designed Knife Gate Valves.
  • Solid one piece cast body in corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Our Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed and manufactured according to MSS SP81 to meet the worst working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power & Chemical Industries for semi-solids, dry-ash, chips, fiber contents pulps etc. The compact design of the valves facilitate light weight, minimum space for installing and easy operation and maintenance. The compact wedge is manufactured from stainless steel plates of various grades irrespective of body material. The bottom of the wedge is a knife type edge which cuts easily through semi-solid, paste type pulp with possible fiber and/ or solid contents, fly-ash and chemicals with solid contents. It thereby ensure smooth shutdown operation and tight shut off. Our Knife Gate Valves are available in a wide range of materials. Trim options are available to suit individual requirements for various working conditions.




50mm – 450mm


150# to 600# or PN16 to PN100




Wafer / Lugged

Port Opening



Integral/Renewable Metal to Metal or Soft Seating


Solid Knife type

Gasket and Packing

PTFE / Graphite/ Asbestos, etc


API 598

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