Strainers and Filters

Just Valves provide a wide range of cast and fabricated strainers in threaded and flanged styles, from 25mm to 900mm connection sizes (larger sizes available on request). Cast materials include S.G. Iron, Aluminium, Bronze, and Stainless Steel, whilst fabricated materials include Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. All types are available: Simplex and Duplex Basket, Auto and Manual Backwashing, Back flushing, Cone/Temporary, Bucket, ‘T’ and ‘Y’ type, etc.

Just Valves also offer a “custom built” or “replacement of existing” service for strainer.

The majority of the below equipment are products initially manufactured and delivered by Just Valves to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Over time the product range has been increased and refined to suit most process industries including the following:

      • Petroleum
      • Petrochemical
      • Paper
      • Power Generation
      • Food & Beverage
      • Water & Effluent Filtration


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Sand Bed, Carbon Column, Disposable Cartridge and Bag Types. Our proven expertise in the design and manufacture of sand and mixed media backwash filters in automatic or manual form, and disposable media types, provide a selection of filters to suit most applications including effluent and water treatment.



A range of models are available to suit most applications, fitted with T.E.F.C., flame proof, geared, or variable speed motors. Fixed mounts or vari-angle heads are standard.



Level Indicators

Target level indicators are available in a wide range of styles to suit most storage tank designs, and are engineered to suit all customer requirements.



Tank Fittings

Cast or fabricated, swivel joints, flash/flame arrestors, pressure relief vents, gas tight non-spark hatches, pressure relief gauge hatches, free vents, dip hatches and floating suction pipes are some of the products available.


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