Pinch Valves - Replacement Sleeves

JV Pinch Valve Replacement Sleeves are available for all popular brand of Pinch Valves, and to suit all models, makes, and pressure ratings. Our hand fabricated technology, allows the sleeves to be built to any custom design and specification.

The most critical part of any Pinch Valve is the Sleeve, being the Oonly wetted part in contact with the media. Each sleeve is engineered to suit a specific application, and all Elastomers are chosen carefully to match the service application. They are built with a thick inner layer of wear resistant lining, ply reinforced with various layers, and a rugged outer layer to withstand the severe conditions. All sleeves have a safety factor as high as 4:1, and are tested for burst pressures at these ratios. Double wall sleeves are available for higher pressures and severe service.

JV Pinch Valve Replacement Sleeves, can also be supplied with a variety of Trim selections, pressure and temperature ratings, vacuum, throttling and control, and can come with opening tags. These come in various end styles, Standard, Flanges, Beaded end and slip-on types.


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Sleeve Elastomer Selection

  • Pure gum rubber
  • Excellent on abrasive mineral slurries
  • Natural rubber high abrasion resistance
  • Neoprene fair abrasion and weathering
  • Buna nitrile resistance to hydro-carbons/oils/and most chemicals
  • IEPDM most chemical resistant

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