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AirSweep Video Library

Fluidisers vs Airsweeps

Importance of Proper Pressure and Volume

USDA 135 Straight Shooter test

Activation Radius Test 185-180

Activation Radius Test 185

Trough Cleaning – straight shooter

Preventative Maintenance

Typical System Components

Cleaning Vessel Walls with airsweeps

Outside Inside mounting bracket

Proper Alignment of Airsweep

Sanitary Style Airsweep

Cheerios Flow Test

Liquid Cheese Blend

Whey Protein Powder

Corn Starch

Wet Tea Leaves

Recycled Carpet

LCF Ultrafine

LCF Blend

Corn bran fiber and corn germ meal

DDC (De-germed, de-branned corn)

Fish Meal Powder

Natural Diatomaceous Earth


Extruded Kaolin

Gypsum Pebbles

Calcium Carbonate

Hydrated Lime

Acetate Flake

Wax Pellets

Wax Flakes

Chopped Tobacco