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Irrigation & Fertigation

Amiad is a global leader in supplying high-quality filtration and Fertigation equipment for: agriculture, turf, landscape, golf and green houses. Providing protection to all irrigation emitters – from sprinklers to drippers and foggers, high or low volume irrigation, using fresh, brackish or recycled water.

In the late 1970’s, a new concept materialized to serve the international farming community: Fertigation. A natural step forward in agricultural technique. Fertigation (from the words fertilizer and irrigation) is an effective method of applying chemicals and fertilizers to crops via the existing irrigation system. The need for Fertigation derives from traditional methods of fertilization being only partially effective and leaving a lot to be desired. At the time the fertiliser is distributed, it may be too strong for the delicate roots of young saplings, causing irreparable damage.

On the other hand, the fertiliser may be too weak, and thus useless. Most important however, is the fact that spread or sprayed fertilizer remains near the surface, hardly reaching the root tips and root hairs – the points of greatest absorption. In the process of Fertigation, fertilizer is applied directly with the irrigation water. Therefore, wherever the water goes, the fertilizer goes with it. Fertilizer is applied only where needed, and in proper quantities for maximum growth.