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Flow Captors

The high level of automation of modern facilities require the precise and reliable registration of differential flows within industrial runs. Today flow-captors are very essential in purification plants, sea-water desalination plats, car industry, steel industry, railway technology, food processing, power generating plants, and many other branches of industry.

Flow Captors are a development with additional pressure resistance. These highly accurate metering Flow Switches are used in every industry where flow monitoring/measuring and displaying of fluid media is of importance. For the first time in flow technology it is possible to set an exact flow set point, and simultaneously measure flow speed. Because of it’s extremely small and compact design as well as its outstanding relation between price and conditions, this Flow Captor is predestined for applications in all industrial fields.

Our Flow Captors offer high convenience in operating and simple handling:

  • Adjustment of required measuring range from 0-20 to 0-300 cm/s resulting in set point
    accuracy at lower ranges 10 times higher than with conventional measuring devices.
  • Simple reading of the actual flow rate.
  • Simple and exact setting of the set point.
  • Set point is relative to the maximum value of adjusted range which remains the same
    even when the range is altered.
  • A transparent coverage (glass lid) prohibits non– intended adjustment.

Please consult Just Valves for complete JV Captor Type 4120.1 data specifications