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Eductors & Jet Compressors


The above Diagram illustrates a Series 120WJE Eductor as a sump pump. The eductor is operated with water as motive. Many eductors are in use as primary or backup transfer pumps on “catch all” sumps or receivers where pumped fluids can vary from day to day. They are also valuable in emergency spill cleanup as they can be operated in any position and are self priming


This type of installation is efficient and trouble free, using a Liquid Jet Eductor in a pump bypass as shown in the above diagram. A small amount of the pump discharge flow is diverted to the Eductor and used as the motive to entrain the regulated additive feed. The mixture is then discharged into the pump suction line. This simple arrangement eliminates the need for costly & troublesome metering pumps.


Eductors are often used to blend batches of caustic or acidic solutions. The diagram shows an eductor filling a batch tank. Water is used to entrain the concentrated fluid under vacuum. The concentrate is then mixed with the water to form the desired solution concentration. Secondary mixing of the new solution and the existing liquid can be obtained with the series 160-ITM Tank Mixing Eductors. This method of mixing and pumping offers two major advantages:

  1. since the concentrated chemical is handled under vacuum, it helps eliminate costly, messy and often hazardous spills as compared to a system where the chemical is pumped under pressure.
  2. the Eductor eliminates costly and troublesome corrosion resistant chemical feed pumps.