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Ball Valves for Australian Infrastructure Projects

Ball valves, the durable quarter turn valve that stands up to long periods of use, are featured extensively throughout infrastructure projects in Australia. While this simple design lacks some of the precision and throttling power that comes …read more .

Ball Valves at a Perth University

We don’t often think about all the parts and planning that goes into keeping a massive centre such as the University of Western Australia going. Since its founding in 1911, the university has been a huge feature of downtown Perth …read more .

Butterfly Valves Across Australia

Getting flow control just right is crucial to building safe and efficient pipelines. Whether intended for small-scale applications such as food and beverage services or massive projects in an oil or gas works, every piece of a pipe system …read more .

The Easy Way to Find Butterfly Valves in Perth

If you’re about to undertake a major infrastructure project near Perth, getting in touch with Just Valves is an excellent way to ensure success. With our team behind you, you’ll not only be certain that you’re getting quality parts like butterfly …read more .

How Check Valves Keep Australia Safe from Oil Leaks

Check valves are a deceptively simple piece of technology that has had an enormous impact on the safety and efficiency of oil pipelines throughout the 20th and now the 21st century. Developed first in 1907, the check valve has expanded into a …read more .

Preventing Backflow with Check Valves in Perth

It might not sound that scary but, when it comes to sewage and water treatment systems — especially on the scale of a city — backflow issues can be an enormous problem. It’s nasty to think about, sewage flowing the wrong direction …read more .

Find Out How to Purchase a Needle Valve in Australia Easily

Needle valves play essential roles in numerous industries, including the Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, and Food and Beverage sectors. A needle valve allows the operator to control the flow of liquids, gases or even steam throughout a …read more .

Three Uses for a Needle Valve in Perth, Australia

The needle valve plays a vital role in numerous hydraulic and pneumatic piping systems throughout Perth and many other piping systems in Australia. Because needle valves offer specific and modulated flow control to users, they are …read more .

How the Diaphragm Valve Keeps Industries Running in Australia

The manufacture of chemicals and plastics is big business in Australia. Employing a wide range of people, the chemical and plastics manufacturing industry supports a variety of businesses throughout the country, providing vital components such as …read more .

Diaphragm Valve for Microelectronics Industry in Perth

Sometimes it’s the little heroes that make the biggest difference. When you think of the burgeoning microelectronics industry growing in the Perth tech sector, there are a few things that come to mind immediately …read more .

Three Kinds of Gate Valve Uses in Australia

A gate valve can have several applications across Australia in a range of different industries. From plumbing to manufacturing to petroleum, this classic valve offers a simple solution for pipeline shut off and control. While they’re …read more .

How the Gate Valve Keeps Perth Petroleum Workers Safe

Working in the petroleum industry can be a dangerous job no matter how you look at it. From contamination risks due to the various chemical agents involved, to the possibility of a pipe leaking or bursting, there are many things to look out for …read more .

Why is the Globe Valve used in Australia Called That?

If you’ve ever seen a modern globe valve in use around Australia, you might have found the name a little confusing. After all, a globe valve used in industries from mining to manufacture to petroleum, aren’t even slightly spherical in design …read more .

Finding the Right Globe Valve for Your Perth Project

When it comes to the valves you trust to keep everything running; reliability is critical. You want to be sure that the valves you get are made of high-quality materials and designed for the conditions your work requires. From the internal …read more .

When Should You Buy a Non Return Valve in Australia?

In facilities where volatile chemicals must be used, keeping them separate is integral to maintaining a safe environment. In many such cases, the law requires the use of an industry-standard non return valve in Australia. A non return valve …read more .

How to Find an Ideal Non Return Valve for Your Perth Piping System

The nature of your work requires you to keep your piping safe from backflow, which means you need to purchase a non return valve for your Perth facility. However, it can be difficult to source non return valve options in Perth that meet or exceed …read more .

Avoid This Common Error When You Shop for a Pinch Valve in Australia

Obstructing the flow of fluid can be just as vital as facilitating it, and systems that regulate fluids such as gasoline or pressurised air must be capable of both. For that reason, operators of these systems must ensure that they are using …read more .

Where to Find a Quality Pinch Valve in Perth: A Buyer’s Guide

When you need to find a pinch valve in Perth, it’s best to weigh your options carefully. There exists no shortage of businesses willing to sell components for various industrial systems, but merely finding a company that sells pinch valves …read more .

Harnessing Industry Knowledge and Experience to Bring the Best Pneumatic Valves to Australia

Industries that involve pneumatics (using pressurised air or gas to power specific applications) rely on pneumatic valve solutions to ensure exact air flows and maximise application and system performance. At Just Valves, we are proud to be …read more .

Are You Looking for a Particular Pneumatic Valve in Perth? Count on Just Valves

You are looking for a specific type of pneumatic valve in Perth, for a very specific function. You know just what you need regarding valve design, size, and materials. The problem is, everywhere you look, you only seem to find valves that …read more .

Find the Right Solenoid Valve in Australia

Just Valves is proud to be a key supplier for solenoid valves in Australia. Our selection solenoid and pressure operated valves is comprehensive, providing products for a wide range of different purposes. From air control valves to vacuum …read more .

Just Valves: Serving Numerous Industries with Solenoid Valves in Perth

By using electric currents passed through a solenoid, solenoid valves can provide sophisticated and exact controls for isolation switches (on/off) or outflow changes (switching between outlet ports). At Just Valves, we focus on helping …read more .