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pinch valveThe JV- Series valve is designed and engineered especially for highly abrasive and aggressive applications. The valve consists of a tailor made reinforced Elastomer Sleeve, incased in a High Grade Cast Ductile Iron Body. The Elastomer Sleeve is the ONLY WETTED PART, and the inside cavity between the body and the wall of the sleeve, acts as a “BUILT IN ACTUATOR�, thereby requiring no manual or air cylinder to operate the valve. Compressed Air or Hydraulic Oil is used to operate the valve, and it can be used as a Control Valve, or for On-Off applications. The pressure is released to open the valve. This valve is simple, cost effective and surprisingly versatile.


  • Easily Interchangeable with the Standard Lined Diaphragm Valve (BS5156)
  • No Moving parts
  • Self Cleaning, will not Clog.
  • Full Bore, full Flow
  • Minimum Pressure Drop
  • Inexpensive Actuation
  • On Off or Control Valve
  • Fast and Easy Sleeve Replacement


  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines
  • Flotation cells/thickener, clarifier underflow/isolation.
  • Dewatering/Sludge disposal
  • Lime transfer/abrasive, corrosive chemicals
  • Power Stations/Fly ash/Bottom Ash
  • Mineral Sands/Gravel/Cement
  • Pneumatic Conveying /Dry Hoppers
  • Water/wastewater/effluent/sewage
  • Inks/blood/food/wine/paper/pulp/starch

Available in sizes from 40mm to 250mm, in variety of Elastomer Sleeve selection.


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